1. We are unique in how we approach the market – we use deregulated market opportunities to create new revenue for our customers first.
    We convert customer buildings into virtual energy turbines. When they choose to use less at times of energy shortage our customers get paid like a generator.
  2. We are unique in how we use customer information to influence other energy decisions.
    We leverage real time data and facility information to beneficially influence energy contracts, operational procedures, capture opportunities for better load shapes,equipment purchase decisions etc.
  3. We are unique in how we get paid.
    We share the incremental value we create for the customer. We share new cash. We do not impose a fee.
  4. We are unique in the integrated approach we take to energy related decision making.
    We mitigate financial risk; we cover contractual obligation; we provide a 360 degree view. We tease the complexity out of a customer’s decision and bring clarity and confidence.
  5. We are unique in our stakeholder approach.
    We combine rigorous financial, engineering and operational analysis to meet basement to boardroom stakeholder objectives.
  6. We are unique in our innovation.
    We solve customer problems; we innovate when necessary; we integrate when available.